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Formed in April 2007 in Dublin city, Ireland by Daragh Brennan & Jason Healy with such influences as Death, Carcass, Slayer, Massacre. The guy's first version of the band went down the route of playing covers from those bands while developing the Syphor sound and original material. Unfortunately the V.1 lineup did not last long as musical differences soon got in the way of actually performing live.

By December of 2007, Lar Frasier (formerly of Valediction) and Eric Fletcher (Nephridium) had left. Lar due to the differences mentioned earlier, Eric to continue his excellent work with Nephridium, the band Eric was in and continued to be in during his time in Syphor.

Daragh & Jay continued on while looking for replacements. During this time Kings Rehenen was drafted in on bass but at that time no vocalist of the style which Daragh & Jay had in mind for the tracks already written was forthcoming.
Eventually and after many, many auditions, Syphor finally found not just a second guitarist - Franco Buonocore (Savior From Anger (Ita), Absinthium (Ita), but also a vocalist in Dan Golding (formerly of "In Memory of") in June 2009.

Franco had played in many bands in his hometown of Naples in Italy and brought to the band a more thrash metal oriented sound and style of song writing. All lyrics written by former members were replaced with Dan's own lyrics and vocal patterns. The subject matter also became darker and more serious in content, with tracks like “Sentenced to Rot” being writting about global demise at the hands of man to other tracks “God Fearing Lunatic” dealing with the fanaticial factions on all sides of religion.

Shortly after this change in direction Kings announced he'd be leaving due to personal reasons. He was immediately replaced with Covero Augusta (previously of Brazilian outfit Infernal). During this time Syphor were gigging & playing support slots for bands like Fleshgod Apocalypse & Desecration and others on the Irish legs of their tours as well as playing around the pubs & clubs of Dublin.

As of October 2010 Covero has been replaced full time by Dave O'Reilly on bass.

Syphor released their first single “War” in 2009 and quickly followed it up with the release of the "Zombie Moon E.P." featuring 3 tracks (including the single "War") which later appeared in 2011 on the full length album "Stained Glass Blasphemy".

Syphor can be seen playing at the Way of Darkness VI metal festival in October 2011 as well as the Brutz & Brakel festival in Berlin in November 2011 and other dates across Europe in 2012.

Current Lineup

Dan Golding - Vocals
Daragh Brennan - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Franco Bounocore - Lead Guitar
Dave O'Reilly - Bass Guitar
Jay Healy - Drums


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