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... and reward with a suitably incendiary set of punishing, technical death metal characterised by wild-eyed Dan Golding’s devil -summoning vocals, their tight-as-fuck delivery, which is fast, acidic and dynamic, which definitely brings the darkness into the room’s fading light. Truly dark and evil stuff and further evidence, if it was at all needed, of the depth and quality of the Dublin metal scene at this moment in time.....
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Fellow Dubliners Syphor were a band I had been looking forward to seeing for quite some time – and especially the incredible ‘For What Remains’ album hit the death decks here at PM’s Belfast HQ last year: and they certainly don’t disappoint, as their old school death/thrash is tight, solid and packed with great melodies played with aplomb and assurity. They have a great stage presence, with a lovely line in choreographed moves – especially by lead guitarist Daragh Brennan, who smiles, poses and grooves in between producing some incredible solos. With Dan Golding (pictured right) particularly intense, both vocally and physically, Syphor are definitely a band made for bigger stages – and definitely bigger audiences than the handful of people smattered around this tiny pub room.
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... It was a collection of cuts that showed they could add to the oversaturated melodic death / thrash genre with a dash of invention and an audible purpose. This follow up confirms it, and betters their last effort in several areas – mainly the guitars. That’s due to a new use of downtuning that lends a lot of weight and a lot of groove to these detailed riffs. Where other bands use this to dumb down, simplify and rely on plain old chugging, Syphor have done the opposite. Their intricate formulations are maintained on the low strings, making it massively ear-worthy....
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... Syphor walk that fine thread between death and thrash Metal and they walk that thread well because it's easy to fall into a trap of neither being one or the other and ultimately pleasing no one. Syphor manage to keep things interesting offering the energy and technicality of thrash and the darkness of death metal. Think later day At The Gates. It's an enjoyable album it grows with repeated listens. The band show they have the needed chops to have half a chance in the ever increasing competitive metal world. ... All the parts are in place Syphor have got it all going for them and "For What Remains" is full of promise. If you want to explore the underground (which you should!) and fancy a slice of darkened thrash you can go far wrong here. Safely store this under "ones to watch." ...
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... The album itself has no flat spots whatsoever, from the opening notes to its ending Syphor deliver one hundred percent pure metal, without being technical or shredding their fingers off. The band have kept their so g writing simple but very effective. There are some tracks that are more complex than others but on the whole they have steered clear of the tech death and black metal styles. I for one think the album is awesome. More bands should write this kind of pure metal, as most bands seem to try and become more technical than others just for the sake of it. To sum up Syphor’s album, I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of death, black, thrash and in general metal as a whole. As it really does have aspects to cater for all listeners. A very well orchestrated album indeed. . ...
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...The melodic , thrashy in your face music has gotten this band excellent reviews world-wide. Their first album “Stained Glass Blasphemy” which was produced by them and independently released received excellent reviews across the board. This month their second album “For What Remains” will be released. I spent the afternoon listening to the first album and I agree whole heartedly with the reviews I have read on that album. It’s extremely good. the combination of the three metal subgenres, make their style and sound one that would be difficult to duplicate. after the release of “For what Remains”, Syphor will be on the road to Germany to play at “The Skull Crusher Festival” and will be opening ” The Hell Inside Festival”. This band has developed an excellent following in Ireland, Germany and Europe in general. ...
Minneapolis City Radio, USA

Formed in 2007 in Dublin, Ireland, Syphor has gained popularity among Metalheads throughout the world for the metal styles they play: Trash, Black, and Deathmetal. Playing Thrashmetal Riffs and performing on stage in several European Festivals have encouraged ‘Syphor’ to release their debut album, ‘Stained Glass Blasphemy,’ on February 2011. The musical quality in this new album is somewhat similar to their debut album with a lot of thrashy riffs. In ‘For What Remains,’ the band’s musicality is more mature, unique, and elaborate. You can find melodious and harmonic riffs in this album alongside common trash riffs. Many Metalheads assume the music they play is Trash Death, and as true as it may seem, the most important point is the band’s ability to combine classical and modern trash riffs with deathmetal groove or rhythm. With melody combinations played harmonically and melodiously, Syphor’s music tends to sound more complex and pleasant to the ears of those listeners seeking for quality of an artwork or creativity. Previously, Syphor had also released ‘Inferno,’ a single from the album ‘For What Remains,’ available here:
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Metalbleeding.corp, Indonesia

Die nachfolgenden SYPHOR sind die Entdeckung des Abends, von der man hoffentlich noch einiges hören wird. Großartig ist vor allem die Stimme von Sänger Dan. Auch der Rest des irischen Quintetts überzeugt durch cooles Acting und spielt straight. Motörhead lassen hin und wieder dezent grüßen. ‚War‘ und auch ‚Loss Of Faith Divine‘ sind richtige Hits, einfach geiler Rock’n’Roll. Teilweise klingt‘s auch etwas epischer wie bei ‚All Our Might‘. Als letztes wird ‚Into The Grace Of Death’ dargeboten, und anschließend spendet das Publikum viel Applaus.
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Legacy, Germany

Freitag vormittags ging es endlich los und Syphor aus Irland heizten als erste Band die PA auf. ... Doch wer da war konnte sich an dem interessanten Stilmix des Quintetts erfreuen, das es schaffte, Black-Metal-Vocals mit deutschem Death/Thrash und virtuosen klassischen Gitarrensoli zu kombinieren und dadurch stets originell zu wirken. ... Eine überdurchschnittliche Spielfreude war gerade bei der Leadgitarrenarbeit zu spüren und dem undankbaren Slot ging der Fünfer entgegen als würde man im Abendprogramm spielen. Super Auftakt! Sheol Magazine, Germany

Pünktlich auf den Uhrschlag beginnen die seit 2007 existenten SYPHOR mit einer gehörigen Portion Old School-Thrash plus einer Prise Death oben drauf den ersten Tag gebührend einzuleiten. Die gebürtigen Iren machten dabei keine Gefangenen und schlugen mit der Präsentation ihres bis dato einzigen, 2011 releaseden Erstlings „Stained Glass Blasphemy“ voll in die Fresse. Aktionstechnisch muss man den Jungs ebenfalls ein Lob aussprechen. Während Vokalist Dan Golding durch ausstrahlungsstarke Mimik den fräsenden Riffs à la Death, Slayer, Carcass und Massacre gebührenden Ausdruck verlieh, glänzten Gitarristen wie Bassist mit Synchronbanging und Instrumentenakrobatik.
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Diana Muschiol - MetalInfo - Deutsches Metal Online Magazin, Germany

There are a few spots where the band just kills, There are more than a few moments. Definite Underground Collectible.
Todd West - Underground Records Review

Throughout the album the band displays their wide range of influences, from the thrashy riffs and face-ripping guitar solos that are unleashed upon the listeners ears, to death metal styled guitar playing. The melodic and harmonised twin lead guitar solos such as those on War also bring to mind the melodic death metal influences in the band's music. All Our Might might be one of the most aggressive track on the album, with the band going all out crushing all that dares to defy. The psychedelic first guitar solo also provides a trippy moment for the listener
Hong Rui - Heavy Metal Tribune

Melodic thrashy death metal isn’t the most rewarding style to play in anymore. Everything’s been done to… er, death. Dublin metalheads Syphor however have made an excellent stab at the genre with their new album. What’s so good about it? Well, only the fact that they know how to pen a riff. And in this day and age, that’s not to be sniffed at. You won’t find blastbeats and a polished production in here. Rather, you’ll get a bit of invention, lot’s of variety and a real metal feel. The way it was supposed to be!
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Earl Grey - Metal

A puzzling record that will grow on you! For Death Thrash Maniacs! And that’s exactly what’s so puzzling about this band. Music. Though labeled as a Death Thrash Metal band, Syphor clearly don’t fit in any one genre easily. You’d think Malevolent Creation, Possessed or the likes, but you’d still be far away. The surprise, if I may write so, comes from the leads. As previously mentioned, while fundamentally the riffing and the rhythmic section deal with that Death Thrash vortex of violence emphasized by Golding’s unconventional vocals, the leads add a big dose of melody which is a bit unsettling in the very first listens of the record. Unsettling because they’re more the kind of stuff you expect from virtuoso guitarists like Hammett or Skolnick and they heavily contrast with the cruder aspect developed by the rest of Syphor's musicians.Nonetheless a very solid effort for a debut and since it’s self-released, I can only encourage you guys to contact the band to get your
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GhandiEgo - Soirit of Metal

Musically I would say we're influenced by a lot of bands but your right especially by the likes of Death and also by thrash bands like Kreator, even though we never really noticed the Kreator reference but your not the first to mention Kreator so there must be a comparison somewhere. But other bands like Carcass and Massacre (Although you probably wouldn't hear it) are big influences on me personally and of course the classic bands like Slayer, Megadeth & Testament but really anything we're listening to. In the band we all listen to different genres within metal. Black metal, Thrash, Death metal and this has an effect on what we put into the band musically. That's why I think when you listen to Syphor you hear all different Styles in there because we all are different and bringing our own thing to the band
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Interview: Syphor and The Legion of Chortzine webzine, Peru

... "Stained Glass Blasphemy" is a good first release. The talents of each member are showcased nicely and there are some great guitar riffs going on. Overall it's worth a few listens and should be given a fair chance in the metal community.
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